Tsedaqah is a Hebrew word which means “to do justice.” Tsedaqah is the reason why this missional community was formed. Young people from around the world become members as they seek to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with their God (based on Micah 6:8). For periods of up to a year, they serve in a variety of ministries across the Diocese of Liverpool.

Currently, the residents in the house are:

Emily Kirk

Emily comes to Liverpool from Knoxville, Tennessee in the U.S. and works primarily with the Diocesan Director of Social Justice but also on various other projects that the diocese either leads or supports through community organising and outreach.

Emma Schauf

Emma comes to Liverpool from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the U.S.  She works with St Margaret or Antioch Church in Toxteth and with the Sepas Community at Liverpool Cathedral.

Helen Parker-Jervis

Helen aka P.J. joins the Tsedaqah house after a year working with the University Chaplaincy.  This year she is completing her Masters Degree in Sustainability and working with St Brides Church.